Popular Quotes and Sayings about Business

They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm. ~Dorothy Parker

Drive thy business or it will drive thee. ~Benjamin Franklin

I begin to think, that a calm is not desirable in any situation in life....Man was made for action and for bustle too, I believe. ~Abigail Adams

In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can also sell what you create. Management cannot be expected to recognize a good idea unless it is presented to them by a good salesman. ~David M. Ogilvy

The free expression of the hopes and aspirations of a people is the greatest and only safety in a sane society. ~Emma Goldman

The minute one utters a certainty, the opposite comes to mind. ~May Sarton

Providence has hidden a charm in difficult undertakings which is appreciated only by those who dare to grapple with them. ~Anne-Sophie Swetchine

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. ~Malcolm X

I find it rather easy to portray a businessman. Being bland, rather cruel and incompetent comes naturally to me. ~John Cleese

Everybody knows if you are too careful you are so occupied in being careful that you are sure to stumble over something. ~Gertrude Stein

Spare no expense to save money on this one. ~Samuel Goldwyn

Misery no longer loves company. Nowadays it insists on it. ~Russell Baker