Popular Quotes and Sayings about Journalism

But what is the difference between literature and journalism? ...Journalism is unreadable and literature is not read. That is all. ~Oscar Wilde

Biography lends to death a new terror. ~Oscar Wilde

I am prepared to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter. ~Sir Winston Churchill

Editor: a person employed by a newspaper, whose business it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed. ~Elbert Hubbard

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. ~Elbert Hubbard

Every journalist has a novel in him, which is an excellent place for it. ~Russel Lynes

Thus the metric system did not really catch on in the States, unless you count the increasing popularity of the nine-millimeter bullet. ~Dave Barry

I want to find a voracious, small-minded predator and name it after the IRS. ~Robert Bakker

Every crowd has a silver lining. ~Phineas Taylor Barnum

Love thy neighbour as yourself, but choose your neighbourhood. ~Louise Beal

Life is too short for traffic. ~Dan Bellack

Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock. ~Ben Hecht

A newspaper consists of just the same number of words, whether there be any news in it or not. ~Henry Fielding

Never confuse movement with action. ~Ernest Hemingway

People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like. ~Abraham Lincoln

Advertisements... contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper. ~Thomas Jefferson

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. ~Thomas Jefferson

I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it. ~Thomas Jefferson

The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights. ~J. Paul Getty

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously. ~Hubert H. Humphrey

2 is not equal to 3, not even for large values of 2. ~Grabel%27s Law

Human beings are seventy percent water, and with some the rest is collagen. ~Martin Mull

The goal of all inanimate objects is to resist man and ultimately defeat him. ~Russell Baker