Popular Quotes and Sayings about Knowledge

Knowledge is power. ~Sir Francis Bacon

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it. ~Margaret Fuller

Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn. ~Miguel de Cervantes

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance. ~Socrates

Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough. ~Abraham Lincoln

If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is not a barking dog, to be tethered on a ten-foot chain. ~Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge. ~Benjamin Disraeli

I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there. ~Richard Feynman

I would rather try to persuade a man to go along, because once I have persuaded him he will stick. If I scare him, he will stay just as long as he is scared, and then he is gone. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower