Popular Quotes and Sayings about Reputation

One can survive everything, nowadays, except death, and live down everything except a good reputation. ~Oscar Wilde

We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people. ~Arthur Schopenhauer

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. ~Helen Keller

A good name, like good will, is got by many actions and lost by one. ~Lord Jeffery

Have regard for your name, since it will remain for you longer than a great store of gold. ~Ecclesiasticus

I am in earnest; I will not equivocate; I will not excuse; I will not retreat a single inch; and I will be heard. ~William Lloyd Garrison

To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward. ~Margaret Fairless Barber

Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur. ~Muriel Spark

Aim at the sun, and you may not reach it; but your arrow will fly far higher than if aimed at an object on a level with yourself. ~Joel Hawes

Everything has got a moral if you can only find it. ~Lewis Carroll

Where so many hours have been spent in convincing myself that I am right, is there not some reason to fear I may be wrong? ~Jane Austen

Fools admire, but men of sense approve. ~Alexander Pope

Have more than thou showest; Speak less than thou knowest. ~William Shakespeare

Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice. ~William Shakespeare

Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend; And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry [economy]. ~William Shakespeare

Costly thy habit [dress] as thy purse can buy; But not expressed in fancy - rich, not gaudy. For the apparel oft proclaims the man. ~William Shakespeare